California Marijuana Delivery and Medical Marijauna Advertising

The legality of marijuana delivery has come a long way in recent years.

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California Marijuana Delivery Service Mission Statement

When we began researching the Cannabis Delivery business (3 years ago), we quickly realized how fast this market was going grow. While we were very intrigued and excited, we know that building an online business with such stringent regulations would require us to plan and execute very carefully.

A business plan was drafted using the current market demand and learning from how others have failed. California Marijuana Delivery (CMD) would be built for advertisers, yet the focus would be to cater to the end user experience and safety. With over 150 cities that CMD will be operating, we will only work with the most credible service providers. Our goal is not to get as many advertisers that will pay for our service and compete in price for higher placement, we simply want to be the most trusted resource for online Cannabis delivery.

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Cannabis Delivery providers offer the convenience and confidentiality to their clients. Knowing that you have a pre-approved trusted provider is not only convenient, but also give you the peace of mind that the transaction will be discrete as well.


This really is the most important component to CMD, with families of our own, we completely understand that the protection of your home is imperative. Again, we will only work with the most credible and safety conscious providers. In some medical cases, it may not be safe to drive to a pick-up or dispensary, a delivery service can consult you on the best options and make sure you receive the right product.

Efficient Doorstep Delivery

A large Part of CMD’s evaluation of providers will be based on customer experience, reviews are a great way to determine how well the services performed. We will make sure to work with providers that are well organized in their execution, punctual, and accurate in their delivery.

Top Quality

This is CMD’s mission, we only want to work with the best of the best. We feel that the time we take in researching and evaluating our partners is well worth the reputation that we will have.

The CMD Approach

CMD’s expertise is in SEO, with years of research in the cannabis market. Our plan is to combine the two and offer the most powerful advertising tool for cannabis delivery providers. Our competitors offer weed map and a directory based solutions where whoever pays the most gets the top spot.

CMD has hand-picked around 150 cities that we will offer our advertising services. We will give exclusivity rights to the most credible provider in each city, this will be evaluated by customer experience and reviews, compliance to laws and regulations, and most importantly safety of the delivery to their clients. The advertiser will benefit by having a top (SEO) ranked advertising page that will direct clients to their website. They will not be forced to share ad space with their competitors, it will be a brand-centric cutting edge marketing tool geared solely for their business.

CMD Differentiators:

Quality over quantity for cannabis deliver providers
Most effective SEO tactics to offer a top ranked marketing page
Exclusivity rights to top provider in each city
Approved compliance and safety regulations
Individual business branding… no competition


Safe And Trusted Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

In the old days, buying marijuana used to be a very tricky business. You needed to find the right people who knew a trustworthy supplier. You also had the option to approach seedy-looking folks in the street hoping that the guy isn’t a cop or a mugger.

Now that many places across the country have allowed the medical use or even recreational use of cannabis, buying this substance is much easier. But in some places, it’s not always easy finding a marijuana dispensary.

In LA, for example, hundreds of dispensaries have been closed following the passing of Proposition D. The new measure required dispensaries to follow strict rules regarding proximity to various types of establishments frequented by minors. These places include schools, child-care centers, public parks, and libraries.

But while looking for a marijuana dispensary is a bit challenging, finding a delivery service is much easier.

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