2014-2015 Marijuana Health Benefits

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Medical marijuana has been in use for many years, but scientists are still discovering new benefits of using it as treatment. Here are some of the more recent findings: 


Marijuana has been used as part of cancer treatment for many years now. It is used by people who undergo chemotherapy, as it offers pain relief and alleviates nausea. But more recent findings show that it may have a more direct effect on cancer cells as well.

Several studies have indicated that there may be an inverse relationship between marijuana use and cancer development. One study reported that moderate long-term marijuana users were less likely to get head and neck cancers. A more recent study also showed that marijuana use may reduce the risk of bladder cancer as well.

UK researchers have also discovered that marijuana compounds can work against leukemia, and they have already succeeded in using these compounds to destroy cancer cells in a patient with leukemia.


AIDS may be as feared as cancer, but it has been indicated that marijuana can help against this disease as well. In February 2014, it was announced by researchers that THC, an active ingredient in marijuana, was effectively used to stop the spread of HIV in monkeys. The monkeys in the study which received THC doses every day had higher levels of healthy cells too.

Anti-Alzheimer’s Disease

Marijuana was also found to slow down the rate of progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Again, this was due to the THC, which slowed down the formation of amyloid plaques. The THC blocks the enzyme that causes the formation of these plaques, and these plaques are what cause Alzheimer’s disease by killing brain cells.

Pain Relief

This is a very well-known benefit of marijuana use, but more recent findings demonstrate that it may be much more effective in relieving pain than previously believed. One study, involving patients with multiple sclerosis who suffered from painful muscle contractions, discovered that patients who didn’t respond to other treatments felt less pain after smoking marijuana for a few days.

Relief from Spasms and Seizures

We all know that taking marijuana can be relaxing, but it may actually reduce spasms and seizures. It helps with multiple sclerosis because it reduces the spasms, and it was found that it is also helpful against other types of spasms, such as Leeuwenhoek’s Disease. It has already been shown to work against epileptic seizures.

Hopefully, more benefits will be discovered as time passes. After all, at the moment only 6% of studies on marijuana focus on its medicinal properties.


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