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Anaheim Marijuana Delivery- Best Cannabis Delivery Dispensary In Anaheim California



Anaheim officials prohibited marijuana dispensaries to operate in the city. As a result, Anaheim marijuana dispensary companies closed shop. But they took to offering marijuana delivery services that local patients need.

Just because the California Supreme Court ruled that cities and counties can prohibit marijuana storefront operations didn’t mean that the marijuana that residents needed would no longer be available. City Council retaliated by banning courier services from offering Anaheim medical marijuana delivery even to prescription holders living in the area. Public officials cite a slight increase in crime and violence as a justification for their measures, and they also decried the increased availability of Anaheim marijuana for the youth.

Anaheim zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 92801 92802 92804 92805 92806 92807 92808 92809 92899.

Anaheim Cannabis Club Medical

This, despite the fact that legal Anaheim CA marijuana clubs and delivery services don’t cater to minors, and most of them do require a valid prescription. Anaheim 420 companies require proof of need and seniority before catering to customers, and some have limits as to how much weed a customer can get in a month.

Still, Anaheim weed delivery services have earned the ire of city officials. Some of these dispensaries have persisted in serving the needs of patients despite the threat of criminal charges as well as a thousand dollar fine for each day of operations. In September nine dispensaries in Anaheim closed down, with 8 more expected to follow suit. Another 11 will also have to close down, since Anaheim city officials ordered their lights and water cut off. Unlike other cities, Anaheim operates its own utilities.

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Anaheim Cannabis Clubs & Marijuana Dispensaries In Anaheim



With an estimated population of more than 345,000 residents, Anaheim is the most populous city in Orange County. It is also a community where almost 45% of the households have children under the age of 18 and underage children make up more than 27% of its population. Due to the high number of children living here as well as the number of kids who visit Disneyland every year, Anaheim is not just known for its sports teams and theme parks, but also for its unrelenting opposition to marijuana.

Talk to our 420 doctors for your cannabis card. More than a dozen legal dispensaries remain although this number once stood at 179. Medical Marijuana / Cannabis Delivery personnel ask patients for their ID and most also require a medical prescription. They also don’t deliver or dispense marijuana to children.

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