Why Following The Laws In Hiring A Marijuana Delivery Service Is Important?

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As marijuana laws become more relaxed in several states across the country, patients and medical marijuana dispensaries are obliged to follow the law as assiduously as possible. Those against medical marijuana are still on high alert, and they won’t hesitate to cause trouble. To avoid such issues, only qualified medical patients should use medical marijuana, and that only licensed dispensaries should sell and make deliveries.

Patients Who Qualify

If you’re a patient, it’s best that you don’t get a legal dispensary in trouble when you buy medical marijuana. Make sure you have your medical papers and IDs ready for verification, and that you’re medical condition is actually allowed under your state’s medical marijuana coverage.

Some states have a wide range of medical conditions allowed for medical marijuana use. Illinois, for example, has one of the most comprehensive lists of medical conditions. It lists as many as 48 medical conditions which qualify, ranging from AIDS, anorexia nervosa, and Alzheimer’s disease to superior canal dehiscence syndrome, Tourette syndrome, and traumatic brain injury.

On the other hand, some states such as Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming only allow it as treatment for intractable epilepsy, and they may only allow the use of CBD oil.

Licenses and Quantity Limits

Sellers of medical marijuana are also enjoined to get all the necessary business licenses, and both buyers and sellers are encouraged to follow the limits on quantity. The main reason for this is that some states which allow the use of medical marijuana may still have standing laws that punish marijuana possession.

Different states have different laws, but a look at the California state law will clearly show how violating marijuana laws is not a good idea. Even possessing an ounce or less of marijuana may result in a $100 fine and with added fees it may reach up to $485. While you’re not supposed to be arrested or jailed when you’re caught with less than an ounce of marijuana, police may get around this technicality by charging you with felony intent to sell.

When you’re caught possessing a large amount of marijuana, it becomes a misdemeanor offense. The fine becomes $500, and you may spend up to 6 months in jail. Felony intent may also be charged as well, as “excessive” quantity is taken as evidence.

Simply put, abide by the law to avoid getting into trouble.

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