The Future of Weed

The recreational weed landscape is changing quickly in Campbell & all over California. With the increasing number of cannabis supporters who believe that it should be legalized, it’s no wonder that investors have made bets on the future of recreational marijuana.

Here are the FACTS you need to know:

  1. Recreational marijuana is already legal in 4 states as well as in the District of Columbia.
  2. Medical marijuana is legal in more than 20 states.
  3. In 2015, legal cannabis was already a $700m industry in Colorado alone.
  4. Marijuana stocks have boomed in just two years.
  5. Total legal marijuana sales in 2013 was $1.6 billion and by 2018, it’s expected to increase to $3.5 billion.
  6. Half of the U.S. states have access to medical marijuana. It’s also available all over Canada.

With these numbers, it’s not really surprising that many people see a bright future for this industry.


Edible cannabis makers are aiming to take a piece of the multi-billion dollar marijuana industry. It would appear that small dose edibles have become among the fastest rising sectors in the weed industry based on a recent report by New West Summit.

Edibles which include a wide range of products like marijuana-infused sweets, bottled water, and sauces contain between 5-10 mg of THC which is the psychoactive component in cannabis. This dose is pretty conservative and is ideal for those who do not know their tolerance or are new to marijuana consumption.

Although low-dose edibles cost more per mg of THC, they help make the consumers’ lives less complicated. If you have bought pot brownie from a legal store, you’ve probably seen their staff cut the treat into 16 pieces to avoid overdosing.

We’ve not heard of cases wherein people fatally overdosed on weed but it can cause a lot of discomfort. The effects are anything but good. You’ll become extremely anxious and your heart will start to race.

Brands like Kiva Confections which sells edibles in Campbell California have made sure their products are user-friendly. Their chocolate bars contain 60 to 180mg of THC and have 15-45mg services. Their products also feature impressions on the chocolate bars to make it easy to divide them into small pieces.

Défoncé Chocolatier, which is a chocolate company that infuses marijuana into their products, has also adopted that small-dose trend. Its founder, Eric Eslao, wanted to create user-friendly edibles that will meet regulation requirements today and in the future. Colorado only allows edibles that contain no more than 10mg of THC per serving and this prompted Eslao to put no more than 180mg of THC to its flagship chocolate bar which can then be divided into 18 pyramids containing 10mg of THC each.

The trend of microdosing started with the pharma industry. The idea is that patients should consume the smallest dose possible so that the desired outcome is achieved without any unwanted side effects. Besides, with small dose cannabis edibles, you can always eat more if you’re still sober after a few hours, right?

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What is Marijuana Wax?

Over the years, Berkeley marijuana enthusiasts found ways on how to fully take advantage of the cannabis plant. People smoke, inhale, drink, and even eat food containing marijuana. One of the emerging ways of marijuana intake is the use of marijuana wax which is also said to be the strongest form of marijuana that you can take. It is so strong that a single use of the wax is equivalent to more or less 15 to 20 joints. Yes, it is that strong.

Marijuana wax is also known as honeycomb, butter, or just simply wax and it got its aliases because of its appearance. It is made from the concentrate of the cannabis plant and involves quite a complicated and dangerous process to finally get the finished product.

The Making of Marijuana Wax

The purpose of explaining how the wax is made is only for you to have an idea how but not to encourage you to actually do it. The process involves packing buds of marijuana into a tube and then blasting it with butane. Butane is a highly flammable liquid so it should be handled carefully. There were instances of wax explosion in the past so it is not really advisable for amateurs to try making a marijuana wax at home.

What happens during the blasting process is that THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is extracted and what comes out is a really concentrated form. It is thick, waxy, and highly hallucinogenic. The concentrated extract is called BHO which stands for butane hash oil or butane honey oil.

How is Marijuana Wax Used?

Marijuana wax can be consumed using a water pipe (bong) or by using a vaporizer. When using a bong, the process is called dabbing. Basically, you dab wax on a blow-torched nail and inhale the smoke slowly, like you would in a regular bong. A vaporizer turns the wax into vapor for pure THC satisfaction.

There are also some who dabs a little of the concentrate in their joints but it is not very common. Best results are still achieved when consumed using a water pipe or an oil rig.

Dangers and Controversies Involving Marijuana Wax

As mentioned earlier, the cannabis concentrate is highly hallucinogenic probably because of its high THC content. There have been reports of hallucinations on both teens and adults as a result of irresponsible use of wax. They were hospitalized and had to be sedated because they were agitated and could not be controlled.   

There are also reported incidents of fire caused by amateurs trying to make their own marijuana wax. There was even a case which involved teens aged 15 to 18 years who blew up windows in the condominium where they had their makeshift lab. That incident sent them to the hospital. In Berkeley, California, a resident was busted when he accidentally started a fire in a backyard. The fire was caused by illegally operating a drug laboratory. That is one of the reasons why in California, it may be legal to possess marijuana, including marijuana wax, but it is illegal to make it there.

The bottom line here is that the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes may be legalized in most states but it requires us to be responsible users too.  Our Berkeley MMJ delivery provider Bayshore Medical has a wide inventory of different waxs and cannabis strains.

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How to Dab

From just lighting up a joint to smoking a blunt, marijuana use has definitely taken a lot of forms. One way of consuming marijuana is through dabbing or the use dabs. But, what are dabs and how do people use it? San Francisco was one of the orginal areas for the Dab.

In essence, dabs are cannabis extract in concentrated form. It can come in different types but the most popular ones are called wax, shatter, and butane hash oil (BHO). The difference is in the method that was used to make them. Some people prefer using dabs instead of other ways of taking marijuana because dabs contain higher concentrations of tetrahydrocannabbinol (THC) than buds. It is recommended for medicinal purposes because dab extracts can contain as much as 70-90% THC, making it more quickly for medical marijuana users to get the amount that they need.

Items Needed in Dabbing

  • Cannabis Extract. Depending on what you need and what was recommended for you to use, prepare your cannabis extract before dabbing. It can be a wax, shatter, or BHO, or any form of your preference.
  • Dab Rig or Water Pipe. This is basically the pipe that is used for bongs. You just need to remove the bowl where you put ground marijuana and replace it with dabbing attachments.
  • Nail. This is the ceramic, quartz, or titanium bowl or surface which you heat before placing the wax on.
  • Dome. This keeps the vapor and protects you from getting burned.
  • Dabber. You use this to apply or dab the concentrate into the nail.
  • Torch. This is what you will use to heat up the nail.  

Steps in Dabbing

Once you have all the materials that you need, next thing that you need to do is to set up your dab rig. Make sure that you put the nail on the pipe and that it fits well. It should not fall off as you can get easily burned when that happens. Also, take a seat to prepare for the intense effect of the THC once you start dabbing.    

Step 1. Using your torch, heat the nail by aiming the flame directly into it. It is up to you if you want to take low temperature or high temperature dabs. Some say that low temp dabs are better because it has more flavor while high temp dabs give a little head rush.

One indication that your nail is ready is when it is starting to turn red. When you see that happening, you can drop the glass dome on the nail for coverage and protection.

Step 2. Dab your cannabis extract on the nail using the dabber. Circle it around the edge of the nail so as not to waste anything. Start inhaling while you simultaneously dab the remaining extract on the heated nail. Slowly inhale the vapor coming out, just like you are inhaling from a bong.

Step 3. To fully maximize the experience, exhale when the wax is completely melted. Also, keep in mind that all materials used are extremely hot so always be careful in handling them. We are talking about torches and red hot nails after all. Other than that, enjoy and repeat whenever necessary.

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6 Confirmed Medical Benefits of THC

There has been a lot of conflicting information about the medical benefits of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the active component of cannabis. We hope this list of the proven medical benefits of THC will clear up all the confusion:

1. Pain
In some states such as San Jose California, doctors have been prescribing marijuana to patients who suffer from chronic pain due to its pain-relieving affects. THC activates central nervous system pathways to inhibit pain signals from reaching the brain. Additionally, those who suffer from nerve-related pain have also experienced pain relief when taking cannabis.

2. Nausea and Vomiting
Since the 1980s, THC has been prescribed to cancer patients experiencing nausea and vomiting. The pill which contains synthetic THC known as Marinol was the first FDA-approved THC-based medication that doctors prescribed for this purpose and now there are several others that have been developed including Cesamet, a pill usually prescribed to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

3. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Studies have shown that the high which people get from THC triggers a temporary impairment of memory which can be therapeutic for those who want to forget painful memories, including patients who have been diagnosed with PTSD. Flashbacks, nightmares and agitation can be relieved by taking oral doses of THC.

4. Glaucoma
The ability of THC to relieve eye pressure in patients with glaucoma has long been established. In the 1970s, researchers also found evidence that smoking pot could improve glaucoma symptoms. So they tried to develop a way to administer THC as eye drops. But it failed because THC is not water-soluble. To this day, some glaucoma patients rely on marijuana to reduce their symptoms but The American Glaucoma Society insists that it cannot be a viable treatment option due to its short-lived effects (3 to 4 hours).

5. Asthma

Since the 1970s, it has been proven that THC has the ability to improve breathing which is why it has been used as treatment for those with severe asthma. Trials showed that smoking pot can calm asthma attacks. Scientists tried to develop an inhaler that could deliver THC to the body but it never came to fruition.

6. Insomnia
Those who have chronic insomnia can fall asleep faster with the help of marijuana. The sleep-inducing effect of THC is very effective in helping people get better sleep. Additionally, studies suggest that THC also reduces sleep interruptions from those suffering from sleep apnea because it can improve night-time breathing.

Apart from these aforementioned medical benefits of THC, it’s also been found to be a powerful appetite stimulant. This is why it is prescribed to cancer patients to boost their appetite, to anorexic patients to help them gain weight and become healthy, as well as those who suffer from HIV-associated wasting syndrome.

Do you know of other proven medical benefits of THC? Tell us what you know in the comments below. If you can’t drive or just want to be taken care of without leaving the house. Enjoy San Jose Marijuana Delivery visit CMD.


Marijuana Defense

Ozols Law Firm – Criminal Defense Attorney

Ozols Law Firm is a criminal defense firm headquartered out of San Diego, California. The Marijuana industry is an ever-changing industry with Marijuana now being legalized in several different states. Ozols Law Firm has provided some tips for users to make sure they stay in compliance with the law.

Stay Legal

In California, it is very easy to obtain a medical marijuana card, which can also allow one to grow marijuana for their own personal consumption. Marijuana has been proven to help a multitude of illnesses including cancer, stress, anxiety, skin conditions, and more. If you want to start smoking or growing your own Marijuana then it is always a good idea to go to a doctor and get assessed for a Marijuana Marijuana card.

Never consent to a search

Remember, the fourth amendment of the US constitution protects against unlawful searches and seizures. This means that you have protections in your persons, places and things and cannot be subjected to a search without a warrant. The officers sometimes try to get around this by “asking for consent”. Really it is them demanding that you give them consent but they do their best for you to just say the words “yes you can search.” Do not be afraid to stand up to these officers and tell them that they need to get a warrant to search you or they can talk to your lawyer.

Proposition 47

In January 2015 proposition 47 passed into law. This law now says that there is no such thing as felony possession offenses. Now of course there is still felony possession for sale, but you cannot be charged with a felony for actually possession any type of drug at this time.

Be Careful With Marijuana DUIs

Marijuana DUIs are becoming more and more common these days. With Marijuana being so commonly consumed in California, the District Attorney has now begun to charge more people with Marijuana DUIs. What a lot of people don’t understand is that even if they have legally ingested the Marijuana, it is still illegal for them to drive if they are deemed to be under the influence. However, recent studies have shown that it is very difficult for someone to actually be deemed under the influence of Marijuana while driving and these issues are very commonly litigated in court.


Children Using Non THC Based Oils To Fight Seizures

Medical marijuana is a very heated topic of debate in many circles, and some of the discussions are about using it as treatment for children. Is marijuana like alcohol and tobacco, which should only be used by adults? Or should children be allowed to use medical marijuana because of their medical condition? Then again, many believe that oils which are not based on THC aren’t even medical marijuana at all.

What are Non-THC-Based Oils?

Also known as hemp oil, non-THC-based oils come from the cannabis plant. But technically speaking it shouldn’t be called marijuana because it doesn’t contain THC, which is the active ingredient of marijuana that gives the drug its potent high. This oil is derived from a special strain of cannabis called “Charlotte’s Web”, which got its name because it saved the life of a young girl named Charlotte Figi.

Charlotte’s Web contains very little THC at just 0.3 percent. But it contains a greater concentration of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD has shown a lot of promise in alleviating the seizures caused by epilepsy in children. Charlotte Figi suffered from 300 seizures a week because of her Dravet syndrome, which is a form of epilepsy with no known cure. After beginning treatment with CBD oil, the number of seizures dropped to 2 seizures a month.
Political Considerations

Despite the many indications that CBD oil can help children with epilepsy, the entire subject matter is still mired in political controversy. The very idea of associating children with cannabis still makes many people uncomfortable. This is especially true of politicians, who are vulnerable from attacks of being “pro-drugs”, which is equivalent to many uneducated people as being “pro-crime”.

As Governor Christie of New Jersey once remarked, “I’m very concerned, if we go down this slope of allowing minors to use this, where does it end?”

Once recent survey, conducted by the University of Michigan, shows that the use of medical marijuana by children is not exactly popular. While 63% of Americans say that medical marijuana should be accessible for adults, only 36% approve of its availability for children.


In the US, science has become politicized, and that’s the harsh reality of it. It’s no wonder that evolution has come under fire from conservative morons, while liberal idiots rail against vaccinations.
But while people may wonder about the intelligence of political figures, there is still hope. In March of 2015, Rep. Scott Perry, a Republican from Pennsylvania, introduced a bill to Congress that plants with less than 0.3% THC would become exempt from the federal Controlled Substances Act. It has attracted bipartisan support, and if it passes then Charlotte’s Web will become a dietary supplement, and therefore outside FDA jurisdiction.
Let’s us all hope, for the sake of all the sick children, that it passes!


Cooking with Marijuana

By now you should know that you don’t have to smoke marijuana to experience its effects. You can eat food items that contain marijuana instead, and a quick search online will lead you to thousands of recipes.

But here are some tips you need to keep in mind, regardless of which recipe you use:

1. There’s no such thing as marijuana tea. Marijuana isn’t soluble in water. It’s only soluble in fat. That means you have to mix it with butter, oil or other dairy products.

2. Always grind marijuana. It has to be ground to a fine powder to maximize the surface area of the weed matter. You can use an herbal grinder, but for larger amounts of marijuana a food processor may be better. With a food processor, wait for the cloud to settle before you open it. Then scrape off any matter that sticks to the lid or to the sides.

3. Don’t trust the oven gauge when determining the temperature. Many recipes specify a certain temperature for cooking. You shouldn’t exceed the temperature recommendation, as overheating may degrade your marijuana. So use a thermometer to make sure you’re using the right temperature. Better yet, stick to a limit of 17o degrees Celsius (338 degrees F) and cook for a longer period of time.

4. Don’t use a microwave. This is especially true if you are a beginner. Microwave ovens are simply unreliable.

5. Use a cheese cloth for straining. It’s cheap, and you can easily find one in any grocery store that sells baking paraphernalia. Don’t use paper coffee filter.

6. Eat pine nuts if you eat too much food laden with marijuana. You know you’ve had too much when you can’t move or talk, you feel sick or confused, or you become really clumsy. You can also eat pistachios. Another option is to eat or drink the juice of citrus acid fruits like grapefruit, orange, and lemon.

7. Taste your marijuana dishes before you serve it to guests. Usually, marijuana can be used like other herbs such as sage, basil, and oregano.

8. Serve it only during certain occasions. Don’t serve it during religious holidays, and you certainly should not serve it when you have overly conservative friends and family coming over for dinner. So you may want to hold off when Grandma and Grandpa are around, or if you have a relative who works in the FBI!

And of course, make sure you don’t surprise people by serving them marijuana dishes without their knowledge. That’s not just rude, but it may be dangerous as well if they’re allergic to the substance.


Why Following The Laws In Hiring A Marijuana Delivery Service Is Important?

As marijuana laws become more relaxed in several states across the country, patients and medical marijuana dispensaries are obliged to follow the law as assiduously as possible. Those against medical marijuana are still on high alert, and they won’t hesitate to cause trouble. To avoid such issues, only qualified medical patients should use medical marijuana, and that only licensed dispensaries should sell and make deliveries.

Patients Who Qualify

If you’re a patient, it’s best that you don’t get a legal dispensary in trouble when you buy medical marijuana. Make sure you have your medical papers and IDs ready for verification, and that you’re medical condition is actually allowed under your state’s medical marijuana coverage.

Some states have a wide range of medical conditions allowed for medical marijuana use. Illinois, for example, has one of the most comprehensive lists of medical conditions. It lists as many as 48 medical conditions which qualify, ranging from AIDS, anorexia nervosa, and Alzheimer’s disease to superior canal dehiscence syndrome, Tourette syndrome, and traumatic brain injury.

On the other hand, some states such as Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming only allow it as treatment for intractable epilepsy, and they may only allow the use of CBD oil.

Licenses and Quantity Limits

Sellers of medical marijuana are also enjoined to get all the necessary business licenses, and both buyers and sellers are encouraged to follow the limits on quantity. The main reason for this is that some states which allow the use of medical marijuana may still have standing laws that punish marijuana possession.

Different states have different laws, but a look at the California state law will clearly show how violating marijuana laws is not a good idea. Even possessing an ounce or less of marijuana may result in a $100 fine and with added fees it may reach up to $485. While you’re not supposed to be arrested or jailed when you’re caught with less than an ounce of marijuana, police may get around this technicality by charging you with felony intent to sell.

When you’re caught possessing a large amount of marijuana, it becomes a misdemeanor offense. The fine becomes $500, and you may spend up to 6 months in jail. Felony intent may also be charged as well, as “excessive” quantity is taken as evidence.

Simply put, abide by the law to avoid getting into trouble.


2014-2015 Marijuana Health Benefits

Medical marijuana has been in use for many years, but scientists are still discovering new benefits of using it as treatment. Here are some of the more recent findings:  Read more