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It’s not always easy to find a medical marijuana dispensary in Cupertino, CA. After all, it’s quite a big city and it’s easy to get lost. If you need MMJ, you may also not be in the position to drive a vehicle. This is where Bayshore Medical can help. We are the premier Cupertino medical marijuana delivery service and we can deliver your prescription to your doorstep in the soonest time possible.

Bayshore Medical’s staff possess the expertise and the desire to help all our clients. This is what makes us your ideal source of medical marijuana. We make sure that you get the right strain of marijuana for your medical condition, whether you suffer from depression, PTSD, anorexia, chronic pain, cancer, spasticity or any other problem that MMJ can treat—we pick the correct strain that is most suited for your ailment.

Cupertino zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 95014 and 95015.


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Our cannabis plants are also certified safe and effective. You can’t always count on this when you deal with unknown marijuana dealers. But with us, you know for a fact that you’ll get marijuana that’s safe and appropriate for the condition you have.


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Our delivery personnel is also prompt and professional. Our clients are important to us and we keep our prices reasonable and fair. Having a medical condition can be bad enough for your finances, and we don’t want to add to your troubles.

We also ensure that your privacy is respected. That’s why we are very discreet, and our delivery personnel don’t have large advertising signs announcing to your neighbors that we are delivering medical marijuana.

If you’re in need of Cupertino medical marijuana delivery service, Bayshore Medical is your best option. With us, your satisfaction and health matter. We put your needs first above anything else, so you can just sit back at home knowing that safe, affordable, and effective medical marijuana is on its way to you.