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Hillsborough is a very affluent town. It’s part of San Mateo County in the San Francisco Bay area, and its population of 11,413 includes notable celebrities like football great Tom Brady, weight loss expert Jenny Craig, and famous baseball players Greg Maddux, Rickey Henderson, Troy Tulowitzki, JT Snow, Pat Burrell, and Andre Ethier.

The median income in the whole state of California is $61,094 but in Hillsborough, it’s $236,528.

There is no commercial zoning in Hillsborough, and the only non-residential properties here are its 4 public schools, 3 private schools, and local government facilities, along with a small park, a golf course, and a country club. Get processes for obtaining marijuana for medical uses. Secure from your local Hillsborough CA Marijuana delivery information and answers to frequently asked questions about Cannabis.

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Those who need medical marijuana will have to find a Hillsborough dispensary outside town. That includes some of the 468 veterans who need cannabis for their depression or PTSD, and some of the 2,339 older residents who may be suffering from arthritis and chronic pain. Cancer patients also often need medical marijuana, and the National Cancer Institute estimates that 51 people in Hillsborough have cancer.

But you don’t need to travel to buy your medication. You can simply call a Hillsborough medical Cannabis Club, which is a much easier, faster, and safer option. With this service, patients in Hillsborough can just wait at home while the courier delivers their order.

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What is CA medical marijuana card?

The Hillsborough medical marijuana card is the ID necessary for patients to present when purchasing medical marijuana at a Hillsborough licensed medical marijuana dispensary, delivery or clubs.

Where do I get my Medical Marijuana card?

You’ll need to see whether you’ve got a medical condition that lets you obtain medical marijuana in CA. Evaluation has to start with the patient’s medical data. Our online Hillsborough medical cannabis doctor will perform a physical assessment including the basic vital signs taken, and the doctor will ask you about your health background. Then once qualified, you can get your Medical Marijuana card.