How to Dab

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From just lighting up a joint to smoking a blunt, marijuana use has definitely taken a lot of forms. One way of consuming marijuana is through dabbing or the use dabs. But, what are dabs and how do people use it? San Francisco was one of the orginal areas for the Dab.

In essence, dabs are cannabis extract in concentrated form. It can come in different types but the most popular ones are called wax, shatter, and butane hash oil (BHO). The difference is in the method that was used to make them. Some people prefer using dabs instead of other ways of taking marijuana because dabs contain higher concentrations of tetrahydrocannabbinol (THC) than buds. It is recommended for medicinal purposes because dab extracts can contain as much as 70-90% THC, making it more quickly for medical marijuana users to get the amount that they need.

Items Needed in Dabbing

  • Cannabis Extract. Depending on what you need and what was recommended for you to use, prepare your cannabis extract before dabbing. It can be a wax, shatter, or BHO, or any form of your preference.
  • Dab Rig or Water Pipe. This is basically the pipe that is used for bongs. You just need to remove the bowl where you put ground marijuana and replace it with dabbing attachments.
  • Nail. This is the ceramic, quartz, or titanium bowl or surface which you heat before placing the wax on.
  • Dome. This keeps the vapor and protects you from getting burned.
  • Dabber. You use this to apply or dab the concentrate into the nail.
  • Torch. This is what you will use to heat up the nail.  

Steps in Dabbing

Once you have all the materials that you need, next thing that you need to do is to set up your dab rig. Make sure that you put the nail on the pipe and that it fits well. It should not fall off as you can get easily burned when that happens. Also, take a seat to prepare for the intense effect of the THC once you start dabbing.    

Step 1. Using your torch, heat the nail by aiming the flame directly into it. It is up to you if you want to take low temperature or high temperature dabs. Some say that low temp dabs are better because it has more flavor while high temp dabs give a little head rush.

One indication that your nail is ready is when it is starting to turn red. When you see that happening, you can drop the glass dome on the nail for coverage and protection.

Step 2. Dab your cannabis extract on the nail using the dabber. Circle it around the edge of the nail so as not to waste anything. Start inhaling while you simultaneously dab the remaining extract on the heated nail. Slowly inhale the vapor coming out, just like you are inhaling from a bong.

Step 3. To fully maximize the experience, exhale when the wax is completely melted. Also, keep in mind that all materials used are extremely hot so always be careful in handling them. We are talking about torches and red hot nails after all. Other than that, enjoy and repeat whenever necessary.

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