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Bayshore Medical was founded on the belief that patients who require medical marijuana deserve to have safe access to it. Our San Mateo medical marijuana delivery service is prompt, efficient and professional, and we can deliver to your home.

We only use cannabis that was responsibly and organically grown and our prices are very competitive. We know that seeking treatment for serious and chronic health problems can be costly. And it is for this reason that we want to make our products affordable and accessible to as many qualified patients as possible.

We are wholeheartedly committed to client satisfaction. All our products have been carefully selected and tested in a laboratory to ascertain that we only use high-grade varieties that offer the highest therapeutic value. We also take every precaution to provide our patient-members the safest products.

San Mateo zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 94401, 94402, 94403, 94404 and 94497.


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When you choose Bayshore Medical, there’s no need to drive to a marijuana dispensary. It can be inconvenient to deal with traffic and overcrowded dispensaries. The problem is even more evident among those who are not healthy enough to drive themselves. House-bound patients need not worry any longer. With Bayshore Medical, you can get your medicine fast and easy.

Our website has a selection of cannabis products, edibles and gear for both newbies and seasoned users. Once you sign up and become a verified member, you can have access to our products and orders are processed quickly.


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Qualified patients with MMJ recommendation in California can buy cannabis from Bayshore Medical online. Many of our patient-members have reported that cannabis has helped treat and/or alleviate a myriad of health problems, including chronic pain, stress, depression, PTSD, insomnia, headaches and many more.

Bayshore Medical offers medical cannabis at affordable prices. When you sign up with us and use our medical marijuana delivery service in San Mateo, CA you can expect to receive your medicine as soon as possible. Our delivery team is professional, friendly and very discreet.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.